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Ingredient Info

The best things in life are usually simple
There is a mass of conflicting information out there about the pros and cons of skin care ingredients and the truth is that it is virtually impossible to assess the impact of the cocktail of chemicals we encounter every day so we believe in keeping things as simple as possible.

This link to the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfume Association (CTPA) website gives more information about the skin and the way moisturisers work -

Most natural skin care manufacturers have nothing to hide and, like us, will provide a clear ingredients list for each of their products.

How can I tell if a product is natural?

Just because the label says ‘natural’ or ’botanical’ it doesn’t mean that it is because there are no regulations controlling the use of these words. We suggest that you check the ingredients on the label and, if you find any of the following then be suspicious:

Sulphates (Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphate or SLS)
A member of a group of chemicals called detergents that give synthetic shampoos and body washes a rich, foamy lather. Detergents are designed to remove oil from surfaces, holding it in the water to be washed away. The skin produces ‘sebum’ or oil to protect itself from drying out and hence becoming sore and infected. Some believe that SLS and other harsh detergents remove this barrier and upset the balance of the skin. WE DON'T USE SLS or SLES

Parabens (Methyl-, Ethyl-, Propyl-, Butyl-)
If skin care products contain water then a preservative must be used to prevent growth of bacteria and fungus. Parabens are powerful preservatives that have been widely used in the skin care industry for about 50 years. Their use has become controvercial recently as it is thought that they are absorbed through the skin and they have been found in tissues of the body. WE DON'T USE PARABENS

Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone
Another preservative for use in products containing water. It has been used a lot less since the early 1990s as it is thought to be a potent allergen (cause of allergic reaction in skin). It has come into use again recently so companies can say that their products are 'Paraben Free'. However, J&J have removed it from a product after reports of allergic reactions. It is not recommended for use by anyone with sensitive skin.

Petroleum derived products (Petrolatum, paraffin, Petroleum Jelly)

These ingredients are often used for dry skin because they create a protective barrier and will often produce an initial improvement. However, as they come from a mineral source, they are not easily absorbed by the skin  and do not provide nourishment. They are also excluded from natural products because they are derived from oil and hence not a sustainable source.  WE DON'T USE ANY PETROLEUM PRODUCTS

Artificial colours and perfumes
Colours and fragrances can be derived form natural raw materials but the synthetic versions are often cheaper. Most natural products will clearly state the origins of their colours and fragrances. WE DO NOT USE ANY ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FRAGRANCES

The Law
By law all toiletries and skin care must have a list of all the ingredients but this is often confusing as regulations also require use of the latin or scientific name. This means that you will find Buxus Chinensis and Melaleuca Alternifolia instead of Jojoba oil and Tea Tree. We have provided a Glossary so you can look up anything you aren’t sure about and you are also very welcome to ask us any questions.

Come and see us at work
We welcome visitors to our workshop in Staveley. You will usually find us making, bottling, labelling….and sometimes having a  business meeting (cup of tea). You can try out products and we will do our best to answer any questions you have. We just ask that you check in advance because sometimes we are out on deliveries or craft shows and we wouldn’t want to miss you.