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About Us

This is what we do

Create natural skin care and toiletries to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe the body whilst also minimising the environmental impact.

‘Natural’ is not a word we take lightly. We created our own formulas using pure plant oils and butters or ingredients derived from these raw materials with the minimum of processing. Most of our ingredients are organic and we always check that they are derived from a traceable, sustainable source. This is not an easy option - come and see us make it work. Gentle alternatives to detergents and preservatives are often more expensive and tricky to work with. Essential oils are unique, like olive oil and wine, the exact constituents vary depending on the place and time they were grown. For this reason our workshop is like a commercial kitchen and we make everything by hand in small batches. You are very welcome to call in and see us.

This is why we do it

So you can enjoy skin care and toiletries without harsh synthetic additives.

We believe that natural ingredients work in harmony with the body and this is proven time and again by the number of people telling us that our products  soothe their sensitive skin. Many brands use synthetic copies of natural ingredients because they are cheaper and easier to produce. They may include Petroleum Jelly which is not a renewable resource or Sodium Laureth Sulphate, an aggressive detergent that may cause drying of the skin. Our products are packed with good things to nurture your skin and work with your body.

So you don’t pay for hype and celebrity marketing
Many main stream products are heavily marketed and elaborately packaged - this all adds to the price you pay. At Pure Lakes we set out to offer luxurious, hand made toiletries at affordable prices and we save money by keeping packaging to a minimum. This means that you are paying for the product and you are not left with stuff to recycle. The really good news is that this also cuts down on waste.

We want to make you feel good
The Pure Lakes range was originally created to be used by us, our family and friends.  It has grown by listening to our Customers (you) and delivering the products you want. We know that without you we would not exist and we aim to give the best service we possibly can. Your feedback is invaluable and you can now add your comments and grading on the product pages. We will always try to answer any questions you have - we are quite good on skin care ingredients other subjects may take us a bit longer.

To help the environment
We know that we are far from perfect but we are always working to improve and, with the help of CBEN (Cumbria Business Environmental Network), we will continue to look for ways of reducing our impact. CBEN have helped us establish an Environmental Management System and we achieved their Gold award in 2008. Our activities are examined annually by our helpful Assessor and we retained the Gold Award in 2009. Here are some of the improvements we have made:

  • Introduced 250ml 100% recycled plastic bottles (made in the UK)
  • Sourced biodegradable plastic mailing bags
  • Replaced all batteries with rechargeable type
  • Re-use or recycle all the packaging we receive from our Suppliers
  • Joined the Conservation & Tourism Partnership and committed to make a donation from the sale of items from the Fell Walker’s friend range to help raise funds for their ‘Experience the River’ project.

See our Environmental Policy.