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Summer is well and truly here and at points I feel as if I’m on a Greek island instead of rural Cumbria. The grass is dry and brown, the paths dusty and the nights stifling.  All very un-Lake District and slightly unsettling.  Summer seems to categorise us – those who embrace it wholeheartedly with an instant perfect summer wardrobe, who can manhandle a pair of BBQ tongs like a pro and who can run in flip flops. They seem to unfurl and blossom like a well watered flower, never wilting in the midday sun. “Isn’t it brilliant?” you hear them say,...

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Here at PL we continually do our best to care for the planet. I am sure we are far
from perfect but I believe any oversights we make are due to ignorance rather than negligence. I try to educate myself daily and take inspiration from businesses and individuals who are pioneers in this field.

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I have recently celebrated my birthday. Another year older, but still here, still holding on. Around this time I always find myself thinking of where I was this time last year.

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