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Here at PL we continually do our best to care for the planet. I am sure we are far
from perfect but I believe any oversights we make are due to ignorance rather than negligence. I try to educate myself daily and take inspiration from businesses and individuals who are pioneers in this field.

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The subject is the motherhood/career conundrum.

I have a dislike for every phrase connected with this – stay at home Mum, working mother, homemaker, career mother – nothing sits right with me.

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It seems so long ago now, but its been less then two years...We had just become the very proud owners of ‘Pure Lakes Skincare’ and apprentices of the ever so patient founders of the business Iain and Sandra.

Here’s what I have learnt about myself, and my new life, so far…

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I’m a sucker for a romantic message in a card and some years I even get flowers – what’s not to like?

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