Behind the Scenes - The Pure Lakes Experience of Channel 4's 'A Lakeland Farm Shop'

We have recently been featured in a documentary about Tebay Services called ‘A Lake District Farm Shop’. The idea was to follow certain producers through their journey of supplying Tebay.

We were elated to have been chosen – what an amazing opportunity for our business. However apprehension crept in when we realised that the camera crew wanted to film us at home as well as in the workshop. I instantly thought of our house with its dirty dishes, Lego on the floor and random kids’ pants stuffed in the sofa  (it has fallen so far down the spectrum of shabby chic that the chic needs to be removed) and had a mini panic attack. If I had to factor in achieving  ‘White Company house photo shoot look’ as well as all my other chores I might actually cry.

As the day of filming loomed I considered prepping the children on some ‘interesting topics’ for us all to discuss in front of camera. I thought for example, talking about the different types of birds in the garden might be preferable to my son’s usual detailed gory description of zombie destruction in his latest video game. However I realised there was a risk of him piping up with ‘ my mum told me to say all this boring stuff’. I was over thinking it all and just had to cross my fingers that sibling chat on snot size, variety and texture would not come up that day. 

The day of filming arrived and with it our usual chaos. I had forgotten that my older daughter needed her ballet outfit and was desperately searching for a tutu whilst trying to straighten my hair – I could have done with my own dressing room really. The film crew arrived for breakfast time as they wanted to film us on the school run.  They were incredibly kind, great with the kids and dealt very well with all the breakfast madness. 

The children coped brilliantly – so much better than we did. They were completely natural in the way only children can be.  They were very excited to show their friends as we walked to school with the camera behind us.

All our colleagues did amazingly well: it is not easy to work and chat to a camera crew at the same time. Our work requires total focus so remembering not to stick one’s tongue out in concentration was a high priority –accomplished with flying colours.

What an unforgettable experience we all had and we are extremely grateful to be given this opportunity. We do hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!