Simply congratulating ourselves

I have recently celebrated my birthday. Another year older, but still here, still holding on. Around this time I always find myself thinking of where I was this time last year...

Since then we have a new home, new business, new branding, new website. Bottle neck width, pantones and proofs, banner images and pallet heights have found their way into my vocabulary. It has been the proverbial steep curve.

However as I stare into our mirror (squinting rather as our bathroom still has no light, must add to the snagging list) I find myself listing the ‘failings’ the ‘haven’t done yet’s’ to myself.

When do any of us actually sit back and list our achievements, or simply congratulate ourselves on getting up every morning and limping through until the evening?

Our daily victories, however small, need to be recognised and registered in our heads.

And let’s be honest – if we don’t register them probably no one else will. I’m tired of waiting for validation elsewhere, perhaps we need to cultivate our own mini inner cheer leader, try and let go of the ‘unachieved’ list and laminate the achieved one.

One of my rare moments of relaxation is the bath. The one I have myself, that is. Not a toddler in sight….

Heat, wine, candles…. I add our Bath Soak to ease my muscles and help me unwind. Perhaps tonight I will put down the trashy novel and take that moment to look at my accomplishments rather than rushing headlong into the next problem.

By realising our conquests we can learn to forgive ourselves for the unachieved nagging list inside our heads.

A radical thought is that we actually become even kind to ourselves – imagine. Self-kindness is unique to each of us and only you can decide what works for you.

I find that even when I take 5 mins to pamper the world feels a little better. As arbitrary as it may seem, that small window of time validates my self-worth and raises my head a little bit higher.