Under the mistletoe

I have a bit of an obsession with lip balm and become a little sweaty palmed when I can’t find it in my handbag.

Dry, cracked lips are very uncomfortable at any time of the year but the colder weather can especially dry out our lips, as can the central heating, and so a good lip balm is a must.

With all that mind, I am very delighted to introduce the first of our lip balms, the Pure Lakes Chocolate and Mint lip balm.

We love Cacao butter, the fat obtained from cacao beans (the basis of chocolate). Its velvety texture, easy absorption, high level of moisture and wonderful smell make it an ideal ingredient for a lip balm.

Peppermint is a very a good compliment to the chocolate – think ‘After Eights’ without any bad side effects. It is also a cooling and refreshing and helps to keep the lips flexible. 

Our base ingredients include Beeswax which is a natural emollient and helps to bring back that essential moisture we need for healthy looking lips. We have also included Shea Butter for its protective and healing properties.

Like all our products, our lip balm is made by hand. Everything is melted down and then hand-poured into each aluminium tin individually.

Our colleague Max has mammoth lip balm making days where she gets into an impressive rhythm of measuring, melting, pouring and sticking on labels.

The lucky girl receives a complimentary facial steam bath from bending over Bain-marie's all day - what an added bonus; by the end of the day she has produced over 200 lip balms.

So I do hope you enjoy our lip balm – here’s to lots of fun under the mistletoe xx