Will Rosehip oil make me look younger?

Rosehip Seed oil is enjoying major popularity at the moment – and for very good reason.  It is vitamin rich and high in fatty acids and antioxidants.  

Though of course what makes it really fly off the shelf is this, aspirational, misleading phrase, “anti-ageing”. Rosehip seed oil increases tissue regeneration, can reduce fine lines, correct dark spots and is ultra-hydrating, making it a multifunctional highly effective super power for your face. Why wouldn’t you want to smear it everywhere?

However I say misleading because, as far as I can see, no product can do the impossible. I have extremely dry skin and I have noticed a real improvement since using face oil that contains rosehip. I do still look my age but my skin does feel healthier, less thin and less papery – never a good look.

I like to massage our Rosehip, Camellia & Kiwi Seed deeply into my face at night for a few minutes - in the morning I won’t look like Rita Ora but there is more glow.  

In winter I even use this oil in the morning as it is easily absorbed and won’t leave you looking greasy all day – also never a good look.

In the summer I switch to our Facial Hydration Cream in the morning as my skin doesn’t need the intensity of oil – our cream still contains rosehip seed oil.  Our gentle cleansers contain rosehip seed oil as it is also an effective make up remover.

Every skin care company is guilty of using ‘anti-ageing’ in their marketing (including us) because it sells – that is what we want – we are anti our own ageing. 

I’m not going to preach shame on our society for not celebrating our age – with age comes experience etc. I’ll be the first to admit anti-ageing is high on my Google search engine. It would be pretty cool to have my 21 year old skin with my late thirties brain. However, failing that, I try to look at my deep frown lines as leftovers from my acting days of deep meaningful Olivier -esque expressions and my crows’ feet as remnants of the carefree nights laughing and laughing with true friends.  

There – a little celebrating of age.