Environment & Sustainability

Ingredients - we make all of our products using natural, bio-degradable raw ingredients.  

Natural to us means that our ingredients are derived from sustainable plants with the minimum amount of processing required. The only exception to this is Beeswax which is natural but not derived from plants. 

We are very careful to ensure that our suppliers can trace the origin of the materials they stock.

Wherever possible, we give preference to Fair Trade and small Co-operatives. 

We pay a premium to ensure that all our essential oils are of very high quality and have full traceability.

To minimise the adverse effect on the environment, we try to use produce that is either organically grown or grown with the minimum use of fertilisers or pesticides.

Packaging – the packaging that we use is from either recycled material or is recyclable/reusable in itself.

We much prefer to use glass jars but where these are not appropriate we use plastic made from a biopolymer, one that is also fully recyclable.

We pay a premium for our plastic bottles, with biopolymer PET much more expensive than standard PET bottles. This means that our plastic is an eco-friendly and sustainable plastic made from a biopolymer that is a by-product of making sugar, one used in place of ethylene or oil.

Refilling and Reusing – to ensure a minimal environmental impact we also offer larger sizes or many of our products, with 1 litre size of our Bath & Body products easily available via our online store and even 5 litre size available upon request.

If we refill in our workshop we have to clean and sterilise the relevant bottles and/or jars. This can take time and rather than have our customers wait we offer a 10% discount off any replacement, with a promise to fully recycle or reuse any bottles or jars brought in.

We are a work shop and not a shop in the traditional sense, and so, if you decide to bring something in to be replaced please do let us know in advance so that we can ensure we have enough product in stock.

Waste Generation and Disposal – we recycle or reuse all cardboard, paper, glass and plastic. We are also keen to help our customers to minimise waste by offering bulk purchase and where possible bottle refill services.

We also offer a Bulk Refill Scheme to the Hospitality Industry to enable them to re-use bottles thereby cutting down on waste.

Our finished products are all bio-degradable.

Sometimes we get asked why our outward packaging varies from parcel to parcel (some have bubble wrap, others air bags or card).  The reason for this is that what you are receiving is more than likely to have wrapped in materials that we are re-using and so these vary depending on what we have to hand.

Product Miles and Impact of Transport – where possible the use of UK suppliers for all of our raw materials and packaging.

Energy requirement – this is relatively low and we continually investigate energy sources that have a positive effect on the environment and as we expand these will play an ever important part in what we do.

We are committed to continually monitor our working practices and to seek opportunities to improve them in ways that have a positive effect on the environment.