Honeypot & West Cumbria Carers

Supporting Young Carers

 We have three young children and feel very fortunate to be able to give them a secure and loving home environment. 

A great many children are not as lucky. Indeed, during this crisis there are many children suffering in silence with no-one to represent them or advocate for them.

We want to do something to support them and going forward will be donating 2% of all online sales at purelakes.co.uk to two children's charities close to our heart.

2% might not sound like much but it means close to 20% of our profits.

Furthermore, if you write in the phrase YOUNGCARERS at checkout we will double this to 4%. 

Honeypot is a charity we have a personal connection with (in fact, Gareth was a trustee of Honeypot when we lived in London). It provides respite breaks for young carers at farm houses in the New Forest and in Wales. We know from personal experience that these houses are havens for so many children. 

West Cumbria Young Carers focuses on children in the west of Cumbria where some of the most socially deprived parts of the UK are located*. They provide trips and activities, and help with educational support, especially important at this time. 

During lockdown both charities are staying in touch with thousands of children, sending them respite parcels and school books. Both rely heavily on donations and they make a few pounds go a long way helping to bring light and laughter to sometimes very bleak lives. 

Young carers are children looking after siblings and/or parents. They take on many adult responsibilities and often sacrifice their childhood as a consequence. These children are among the most vulnerable in our society and we hope that, with your help, we can impact on their lives in an amazing way. 

p.s. to read more about our chosen charities fantastic services and support please see further information below. 

Honey Pot - One, Child, One Chance

Very few services exist for young carers. Of the few organisations that do support young carers in the UK, Honeypot are the only service that offers consistent outreach support and respite breaks, between the ages of 5 and 12. Without Honeypot, many of these children would have nowhere else to turn.Currently, the support honeypot gives young carers has never been more vital.

West Cumbria Carers 

West Cumbria Carers provides support to carers who look after a family member, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help.The organisation provides services to carers in the districts of Allerdale and Copeland in the county of Cumbria.