Pure Lakes was founded by Sandra and Iain Blackburn and has been producing award-winning, natural skincare since 2006. 

In search of a product that worked for sensitive skin Sandra, a trained chemist, combined her knowledge of science with pure, plant-based ingredients to formulate her own skincare products.

Claire & Gareth McKeever were among Pure Lakes's earliest customers.

Previously an Actress and Salsa Dance Teacher Claire, together with her husband Gareth and two young children wanted to return home to the Lake District.

Gareth and Claire bought the business in 2016 and continue to work closely with Iain and Sandra in ensuring the founding principles of the company are fundamental in every decision. For more on our values please see here.

Claire says, "Gareth and I had both used Pure Lakes products for many years and effective plant-based skincare is something we are passionate about." 

"We are excited to have the opportunity to build on the high quality, sustainable and eco-friendly foundations laid by Iain and Sandra over the past decade"