Father's Day

My dad is of the era where a good blast of cold water and a scrub down with a brillo pad constitutes a daily beauty regime. I have to say he looks remarkably well on it.....not sure what that says about my profession.
I am slowly, gently trying to introduce him to the delights of the Pure Lakes Men’s range but, as with a frightened animal, I am treading softly.  I have convinced him to have a go at our face wash (definitely not cleanser, honestly dad) which I am told he uses on a regular basis. He has even said he likes the fresh basil smell – a good pick me up in the morning – progress indeed.
However I got a bit overexcited and enthused about our ‘gentle facial exfoliator’ which elicited a muffled mumble and a hasty retreat. Pushed it too far.
However I am not to be disheartened. For Father’s Day a few more of our products will be coming his way even though he would much prefer a book, a different type of bottle or quite frankly anything that doesn’t use the words hydrate, protect or rejuvenate.
Actually if anyone should be showered with presents it is my Dad. Throughout the years he has never passed judgement on me, simply given measured advice when asked. He has stood in the background of my career, quietly encouraging and being a constant, supportive presence. Maybe I should throw in a bottle of Pure Malt as well.