Airport woes

I recently went away with some friends without husband or children. Packing a bag just for me was a dream.


To be honest I was even looking forward to being at the airport, just for the novelty factor of being on my own. However sipping coffee and browsing the duty free were quickly curtailed by airport robot intervention. 

Having checked in online I thought I would simply drop off my suitcase but unfortunately there was no simply about it. 

I had to scan my boarding pass which would generate a bag tag which I then had to stick on to my bag. 

All well and good except I can’t get the scanner to work. I’m pressing the button, the queue is building, the stress is mounting and people are surging forward, their eyes accusatory as though it is my incompetence to blame.

Whilst searching for help I lose my place in the line, someone else is now wrestling with the scanner and suddenly my suitcase is disappearing along the conveyor belt…..without a tag. 

Sorting it out took so long that I had absolutely no time for browsing, coffee sipping etc. I’m not sure that traveling with the children was ever this stressful. 

I know life moves forward and rose-tinted spectacles are never helpful but I personally find even the unhelpful of staff preferable to a machine categorically ignoring me. 

For me it highlighted our need for human interaction, to form a conversation with someone for whatever reason- be it reassurance or camaraderie.

It also made me determined to be more patient, most especially when queuing behind a pregnant lady unable to win out against a surly scanner.