Here we go again

It may be yet another lockdown but hopefully the promise of a new year heralds a better time ahead.

It is easy to get caught up in resolutions and promises of dramatic difference. I have found myself getting inspired by watching Facebook clips on achieving a perfect yoga handstand or by transforming my life with one simple detox shake. However, probably luckily, I know myself well enough by now not to click on the life changing links, as the only purge I would achieve is that of emptying my bank account.

In these troubling times I suppose the onus is on us to try and look for the positives that already exist around us and to look at making subtle, yet important changes, on a day-to-day basis.

I’m not pretending it is ever easy to make changes, even small ones. Any vague notions of a dry or even a moderately healthy January disappeared the moment Boris announced school closures (my eyes didn't quite well up but it was a close thing).

However, given that we have to be at home much more, even if with three small children, making small changes that can make this the best possible experience take on an even greater importance. The Danish way of living, Hygge, creating coziness, and subsequently a sense of well being is something we can all achieve without a Facebook clip.

For me it has been simple things such as lighting my candles instead of saving them – I’m not exactly sure what I was saving them for? maybe a powercut….. – turning off the main lights and turning on lamps, and snuggling up under a blanket with a good book or in front of the television.

Ultimately, I believe that by just tweaking our everyday, without spending a lot of money or trying to make radical changes in the way we live, we can achieve a much greater sense of happiness and well-being.

One change I made recently was to try a new drink, vodka & tonic (I know, I also can't believe it took me so long....I put it down to a bad experience with vodka as a teenager). It's not quite the 'perfect handstand' - maybe 2022 - and whether you are succeeding with dry January or, like me, have a new (or old) favourite tipple, I hope you will join me in raising a hopeful and optimistic glass to 2021.