One tip for Spring...

It’s that time of year when the expression ‘spring clean’ is bandied about and clichés and exclamation marks abound (‘Shake out the cobwebs!’ ‘Out with the old!’ ‘Start afresh!’).

Of course it is more complicated than this but here in the Lake District I cannot help but have my spirits lifted when finally all those green shoots start to blossom, when the bird song is louder, and when I hear and see baby lambs in the fields. 

As much as I hate being influenced by over zealous exclamation marks I do feel inspired to shed the winter sluggishness and give myself (if not my sheets) a good shake.

If I had to choose one thing to prepare my skin for its grand unveiling after hibernation it would be exfoliation, something simple but something that will show a huge amount of benefit. 

If I had to choose one tip for Spring…..
There are many hack beauty tips out there but this one is the real deal.  Simply swap cleansing for exfoliating once a week (either morning or night- personal preference) and all your dead skin cells will be washed away – out with the old! 
By removing dead skin cell build up we encourage the production of new cells, which helps our skin feel moisturised and look healthy. 


I hesitate to add the word ‘glow’ (especially with an exclamation mark) as we are putting a lot of pressure on one product; it is not a miracle worker after all.

Pure Lakes Exfoliators
Pure Lakes makes two exfoliators, Rosehip See and Tea Tree, Aloe Vera & Frankincense, each of which come in soap free and foaming variants. 
I would recommend soap-free for dry skin and foaming exfoliator for combination/oily skin. 
The Rosehip Seed was specially formulated for normal/dry/mature skin whereas the Tea Tree, Aloe Vera & Frankincense blend is better suited to oilier skin. It also works well on problem skin due to its antibacterial properties. 

Crucially, our exfoliator contains natural jojoba beads (we have never used the now banned plastic microbeads). 

So however you choose to embrace spring, it will hopefully include some light buffering of the face that will give you an extra bounce in your step.