World Earth Day

Here at PL we continually do our best to care for the planet. I am sure we are far
from perfect but I believe any oversights we make are due to ignorance rather than negligence. I try to educate myself daily and take inspiration from businesses and individuals who are pioneers in this field.
Packaging is the scourge of modern day life. The problem we have is a lot of our
business is online – we post our product all over the country and beyond and
obviously they need to be protected.  In turn we have many deliveries of bottles, raw materials etc that come well protected so we came up with a solution. We take all this packaging and use it for our own wrapping. We reuse the bubble wrap, cardboard, tissue paper, air pockets, and anything that cannot be used, due to it being dirty for example, we recycle.
My car boot is constantly full of cardboard and bubble wrap as Gareth and I bring
the packaging we get from home to use at work. ‘Oooh this is a good box, perfect for our litre bottles,’ we say to each other excitedly – oh dear.
As we grow we find that more packaging is sometimes needed so occasionally we buy in extra materials. However we buy biodegradable bubble wrap, FSC cardboard and the blue bags we use for posting are biodegradable.
Luckily our team are very creative at wrapping so we find we rarely have to order
new packaging. You may receive many an interesting shaped parcel through the post– no sorry it is not an exotic fruit basket – simply our attempts to reuse every scrap of cardboard we receive.