Summer is here

Summer is well and truly here and at points I feel as if I’m on a Greek island instead of rural Cumbria. The grass is dry and brown, the paths dusty and the nights stifling.  All very un-Lake District and slightly unsettling.

Summer seems to categorise us – those who embrace it wholeheartedly with an instant perfect summer wardrobe, who can manhandle a pair of BBQ tongs like a pro and who can run in flip flops. They seem to unfurl and blossom like a well watered flower, never wilting in the midday sun. “Isn’t it brilliant?” you hear them say, “why can’t it always be like this?” Not at all annoying.....

Then there are those who just seem to dissolve in front of our eyes – who go from being charming people to scuttling from shade to shade muttering about buying a wider brimmed hat.

I suppose I am somewhere between the two – I certainly go very lethargic in the heat and crave nothing more than a pool and something cold in my hand. 

In lieu of a pool poor Gareth, Mr PL,  was charged with blowing up the paddling pool but unfortunately our pump disappeared in transit when we moved house. 
The kids were bouncing off the walls in anticipation of using the mini pink plastic pit of listeria so Gareth had no choice but to settle down and blow it up with puff. Normally a category 1 man when it comes to heat, he quickly transformed into category 2, going very red and muttering about a lie down. 
Of course after 5 minutes in the pool we soon heard the familiar 'I'm bored' from each of the children. I was not very happy and Gareth needed something strong to calm him down.

The heat cannot last much longer surely so I guess we all need to try and enjoy it whichever way we can. Eight months pregnant and suffering from hay fever I'm not sure how much more I can take, and as for running around in flip-flops, I think that this, along with the BBQ tongs will have to wait.