Valentines: the perfect excuse

Valentine’s day can feel pressured, forced, compulsory and obviously commercial.  People bemoan having to buy their loved one a card just because a card shop told them to and they’d look a bit mean if they didn’t.

However, I rather like being told by society that I have to get a babysitter in and
spend some adult time with my husband. I’m a sucker for a romantic message in a card and some years I even get flowers – what’s not to like?

I’m always rather sceptical of people announcing they celebrate their love the other 364 days of the year and they are not prepared to go out and spend double the amount on a dinner on that particular day. I agree with them on the money front but if they really get around to appreciating each other, taking time to talk and more importantly listen every day then wow they are doing a lot better than me.

I completely, unreservedly am fully in the knowledge that I take my husband for
granted – I take some comfort in that I am at least aware of it. After a day of giving at work, giving with kids I feel that the giving train has run dry by the time we get to dinner. Mundane points have to be made to finish the day but as soon as we can, the jogging pants go on along with Netflix and conversation is halted.

So yes, Valentines Day has its faults but it does make me stop and reflect on how lucky I feel. I spend time choosing a card I know he would like, I think about the type of message he would appreciate and I actually make an effort with my appearance when we go out for dinner. I like that fact that the 14th February gives me the perfect excuse to spend time with the man I love.