Where are all the bubbles?

One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive on our shampoo is that it doesn’t froth up the way conventional shampoos do.  Is there something wrong with our shampoos?  

I can understand why our customers ask when every day we are instructed to 'shampoo into a rich lather'. 

I've been spending the last few months learning from Sandra, the Co-Founder and my skincare guru understanding why our shampoos were created, how they are beautifully hand made and where the richness can really be found.

I learnt:

  • The detergent Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) is not only used in conventional shampoos but in toothpastes, bath products and mouthwashes (that can't be good for my hair?!)
  • Artificial perfumes placed in conventional shampoos can irritate your scalps

I'm proud to share:

The Aloe Vera & Geranium shampoo blend we make today does not contain SLS. We use an alternative foaming agent, one that is a naturally derived from a vegetable based detergent. This works with your hair's natural oils and is proven to be more effective at cleansing the hair.

We use essentials oils to ensure our range is gentle on the scalp, choosing Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera to reduce scalp itching as well as being an excellent conditioner for hair. 

I hope you'll agree these artificial bubbles can remain out of the bathroom and out of my hair, as I'd much rather indulge in a wonderfully rich natural experience, any day.