What wellness means to me

My husband thought it would be a good idea for me to write about wellness. I think he might be having a laugh as I’m currently laid up in bed having caught the umpteenth sick bug from my generous carrier monkeys – sorry children.

Wellness is obviously a large and complex subject. My personal take on it is that is about choosing a lifestyle that is both mentally and physically healthy. 

Of course the word 'choices' implies just that – that we have a choice in what happens to us. But so often in life we don’t really ‘decide’ what we’re doing. We are influenced constantly by outside factors, buffeted along by circumstance and we pinball from one stress to the next and then we wonder why we have a stomach ulcer.

It may not be popular to say but I believe women especially could benefit from a good dollop of wellness and yet I feel we are the least likely to consider it, to give it the time needed as a concept to grow, to allow ourselves the luxury to think about ourselves holistically. 

Ultimately wellness isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity – for if we don’t stop sometimes to take stock and think about helping ourselves, not just others –then perhaps we will be beyond helping.

I sit in my sick bed and panic about the week ahead. I have to get better soon or who can take the kids into school if Gareth has to work early? Who is going to pack my son’s camp trip bag? Who will order more Shea Butter at work? 

And yes that then reminds me who is actually going to make the Shea Body Butter…and so it goes on. 

I don’t actually stop and think about what steps I can take to feel better and carve out time to make it happen. My mind immediately reaches for all those external circumstances. 

Obviously life must continue and wellness shouldn’t be confused with selfishness but a healthy dose of self care can make all those components much easier to handle.

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