The Sound of Nature

Beeswax - wonderful for dry skin and feet

Beeswax, the natural wax that hives produce, is an amazing ingredient and we use it in a number of our therapeutic products, including our Dry Skin and Foot Balms, our Skin Repair Bars and our Hand and Lip balms. 

With natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is said to be very beneficial for dry or inflamed skin. 

As a consequence of being absorbed slowly by the skin, Beeswax doesn't block pores and helps soothe irritated skin.⁠  

Eczema & Dry Skin

There is no silver bullet for the most serious skin conditions, including Psoriasis or Eczema - Gareth & I know, suffering from these respectively.

However, we receive reviews and feedback from our customers that for even the most serious skin conditions such as eczema, our Dry Skin Balm or Skin Repair Bars can be wonderfully calming.

We strongly believe the Beeswax in these products is an important part of why our customers find them so effective.

Responsibly Sourced Beeswax

 At Pure Lakes we not only use Beeswax sourced responsibly from within Dartmoor National Park, but we also support the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, a charity doing excellent work to support our bumble bees. 

It was World Bee Day in May and we celebrated with a few moments of peace in our garden, listening to and being soothed by that gentle hum of these amazing creatures.